Full moon Halloween night kayaking adventure 31.10.2020

This Halloween night put on warm hiking clothes and come on an adventure with us on the river.

4 hours




“Nature constantly commutes between conscious and subconscious spaces. The flight of a butterfly or a watercress on a forest can also allow us to discover places in our inner world where we have not been before. In this light, natural landscapes could also be seen as a line with which to fish out completely new solids inside yourself.”
These lines are written by Romet Vaino in his first book “The Mirror in the Bear’s Eyes”

We have invited Romet on a trip to share his story with us and perhaps help bring everyone closer to understanding this great mystery around us.
October 2020 gives us two full moon nights. It is in this second full moon time that we go to the water and let nature lead the hike through the twilight evening.

What you need to bring:

Bring a change of clothes.
Your favorite hot drink with a thermos.
If you know you might get hungry, pack a small snack in the bag.
If you have made a pumpkin lantern for this evening, you can take it with you too :)

The hike lasts a maximum of 4 hours, during which we paddle up to 10 km. Make a stop at the edge of the forest. We make herbal tea by the fire and let Romet surprise us with some beautiful stories about his discoveries in the nature.
We greet the full moon in the sky, paddle in the light of the lanterns and hopefully the full moon shines past the riverbed.

* Pre-registration is required info@paddletheworld.ee

* The number of places is limited.

If you have your own kayak and want to join us, please feel free to let us know!


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