Would you like to level up your skills and keep getting better in paddling? Here are some trainings that can help you get more comfortable with water and your boat. Just have a browse and let us know what interests you the most.

Paddle the world kärestikus päästmine

Kärestiku ja voolava vee ohutuse kursus

(3-4 h)
Paddle the world kärestikus

Kärestiku ja voolava vee päästmise kursus

Paddle the world voolav vesi

Kärestikusõidu (voolava vee) koolitus

Paddletheworld Adventure A2

Kajakisõidu ABC

(3-4 h)


If you want to get a good foundation in kayaking and slalom skills then you are in the right place. We can help you get better in forward paddling, teach you how to rescue yourself and others in the water.

Give you the knowhow how to read water better and how to handle your paddle in the water

If you do not have your own equipment, do not worry, we have it for you.